Sailor Starlights!Fighter, during a fight between her and Uranus, with a determined look on her faceWelcome to the Hunter's-Moon Citadel, my castle. I am Sailorstarhunter. This is my website dedicated to my fanfiction, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Hunter, a continuation of my second fanfiction, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Eternal (which is hosted by me as Red Lady).

Healer with her hand on her head in exasperation; Moon is in the background with a big sweatdrop on her headHowever, I'm still in the process of writing Sailormoon Eternal (and there's still Sailormoon DE to write after that), so until then, I'm dedicating my website to some of my favorite characters from one of my favorite Pretty Soldier Sailormoon seasons, Sailormoon Sailorstars Light washes over Maker; an amazed expression is on her face...(the others are Sailormoon S and the original). This includes shrines to Galaxia and Princess Kakyuu (Princess Fireball), and future shrines to the Anima-Mates. This site used to have shrines on the Sailor Starlights, but the images for them were taking up all my space . . . : p Say, there's an idea; have the shrines up, but not the images ^_^ Or give links to pages with lots of Starlights images : ) But until I get things sorted out, the Starlights are off the Hunter's-Moon Citadel. However, I do promise that at least one Starlight shrine, whether it be for Fighter, Maker, or Healer, will eventually be back.

Here are the Starlights collages I've made: [ Fighter | Maker | Healer]
Here are the lyrics to the Three Lights' two songs, Nagareboshi he and Todokanu Omoi.

My emails are:, for this site, (The Silver Palace, my first website), (The Blood Moon, my second website), (The Palace Of Silence, my third website), and, last but not least (because it was my first email ^_^), Ara, I've also got a new website: SailorStarSaturn's FanFiction Feedback HeadQuarters!, or S3F3HQ for short.

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