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Kinmokusei Star Power, Make Up!

Princess FireballKakyuu-hime, translated as Princess Fireball, is the Sailor Starlights' Princess. Her home planet is called Kinmokusei, and in the manga, she transforms into Sailor Kakyuu with Kinmokusei Star Power. The song Nagareboshi he, sung by the Three Lights, is directed towards the Princess. In the anime, she dies when Galaxia takes away her star seed. In the manga, she gets killed by Sailor Chi after killing Sailor Phi--or was it the other way around? In either case, both deaths were very sad . . .

Sailor Kakyuu's two attacks are:
Starlights Royal Straight Flush
I don't remember this one . . . ^_^;

When I feel like it, I'll update this page so there's more on the Princess.

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Princess Kakyuu's theme
sequenced by Bomi Lee