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The Golden Soldier for the Galaxy,

The Golden Soldier Of The Galaxy - Ginga No Kin-Iro SenshiMy favorite of all the SM characters, Sailor Galaxia is the head honcho of the villains in Sailor Stars. In the Neherenia arc (the first 6 eps), Galaxia-sama is the one who released Queen Neherenia from the mirror she'd been trapped in. She did this so Neherenia-joou could revive Sailor Saturn, and Galaxia needed Saturn around if she was to collect all the Sailor Soldiers' star seeds.

Galaxia-sama is incredibly powerful; because of this, she had taken over 80% of the galaxy. Our solar system is the last thing on her agenda, and all she needs now for total galactic domination is a star seed. Not just any star seed--one very particular, very special star seed. Galaxia has 4 out of the 5 particular star seeds she needs to take over the galaxy; that last very speical star seed is her own. (I don't know if this is true, but I believe that the other four seeds belong to Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow, and Tin Nyanko (Cat).)

Though we have wondered and guessed, it takes us until JPSMEP#200, the last episode in the Sailor Moon series, to find out that Galaxia's star seed, her "light of hope", is actually Chibi-chibi, the baby with heart-shaped odango hair who had appeared earlier in the timeline! It turns out Sailor Galaxia originally is good, defending the galaxy against the Chaos that every good senshi battles against. The major-kewl thing about it is, Galaxia wins against the Chaos! She seals it inside herself to make sure it would be all in one place, something I think is very noble of her. However, before (or was it after?) she seals the Chaos within her, Sailor Galaxia removes her own star seed so the Chaos won't be able to get to it! She converses with her star seed a bit--the star seed becomes Chibichibi--then Galaxia sends it off (Chibichibi ends up on Earth, as we all know). Eventually, the Chaos did take over Galaxia, as she feared and predicted, and caused her to start conquering that which she had formerly defended.

SEERAAGYARAKUSHIADuring Galaxia's conquest of 80 % of the galaxy, she came across the solar system where the Sailor Starlights herald. To make a long story short, she ended up either destroying or conquering their planet, rising a grudge in the Starlights that they became determined to settle. The only survivors of the Starlights' home planet from Galaxia's savage attack were, as far as I know, the Starlights themselves--Sailorstarmaker, Sailorstarfighter, and Sailorstarhealer--and their Princess, (Sailor) Kakyuu/Fireball (in the manga, Kakyuu-hime became a Sailor senshi). Princess Kakyuu vaulted herself to Earth, and the Sailor Starlights followed . . . so did Galaxia, once everything else was hers, to finish off the final bit of the Universe. With the Sailor Anima-Mates whose star seeds she had taken, Galaxia began the final stage in her plan to take over the galaxy by starting on Earth, and Sailor Stars began . . .

Matters concerning Galaxia-sama during Sailor Stars don't really escalate until the ep Tin Nyanko dies (this is also the ep with the Three Lights' last concert; Nyanko interrupted it, the Starlights got pissed and were going to blast her, Moon tried to tell them not to; then Galaxia appeared and took away Nyanko's sailor bracelets, and the poor tin kitty went bye-bye). In it, Princess Fireball defends her Sailor Starlights against Galaxia, but proves to be the weaker between the two, and gave out. With the Starlights screaming in horrified anguish, Galaxia took Fireball's star seed and disappeared. Chibichibi was at Princess Fireball's side when she was dying . . . Fireball said she felt a light from her, and died.

Galaxia:  Golden Queen Galaxia - GYARAKUSHIA:  GOORUDENKUIIN GYARAKUSHIAThe next episode, the Sailor Starlights go for revenge against Galaxia; the Sailor Soldiers are also after her to preserve the order of their planet, their solar system, that she is aiming to destroy. The Sailor Starlights get heavily trashed in their attempts to settle the score with Galaxia; the Sailor Soldiers are around, and she's about to blast them [the Starlights] and take their seeds when the Inner Soldiers move in front of the Starlights, letting their star seeds be acquired in place of theirs. That scene is really sad . . . Super Mars dies in Eternal Moon's arms, and once they've faded away, ESMoon screams in anguish for her dead friends (you gotta hear it . . . it's--I can't describe it. Mars' last scene is enough to bring tears flowing freely from your eyes).

After this, it's Eternal Sailormoon, the Outer Soldiers, the Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon. Moon, CCMoon, and the Starlights are off somewhere as the Outer Soldiers battle against Galaxia-sama. The Outers wear themselves out, and Galaxia's hardly getting a scratch (if even that). A really kewl thing that happens was that Sailoruranus jumped up with the Space Sword all glowy-white Blaster attack, and was about to slice Galaxia in half, when Galaxia caught it in midair, then drained the Space Sword of its power and threw the attack back at Uranus (it hit Neptune too)!!!! How many other bad guys do you know who can do that? Even Galaxia-haters have to admit, that is very impressive!! ...The fight, overall, goes so badly for the Outers that, in desperation, Super Saturn finally holds the deadly white blade of the Silence Glaive to Galaxia's throat. At Saturn's threat to defeat her even at the cost of her own life, Galaxia laughs and questions Saturn who she thinks freed Neherenia to resurrect her in the first place. Of course, when Galaxia-sama goes into detail about how she released the Dead Moon Queen from her mirror prison, the Outer Soldiers are shocked.

Evil Super Sailoruranus punching Super SailorsaturnOnce she'd relayed that little newsflash, Galaxia continues to bear down on Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn until they may as well be on their knees. It is then that Galaxia apparently has a change of heart and offers the Outers to join her ranks. She explains to them that, if they wear her sailor bracelets, then they will continue to live even if she takes their star seeds, and promises to place the bracelets on them if they let her take their star seeds. SSpluto and SSsaturn refused Galaxia's "generous" offer, but SSuranus and SSneptune . . . well, let's say that just because they're Sailor Soldiers doesn't mean deviety and double-crossing are beneath them. Neptune and Uranus accepted the Golden Soldier's offer, and let her take their star seeds. In turn, the soldier for the galaxy placed sailor bracelets on them, so while Uranus and Neptune no longer had their seeds, they remained alive! . . . And things turned to the worse for Saturn and Pluto . . .

Evil Super Sailorneptune punching Super SailorplutoGalaxia-sama gave the order, and Uranus and Neptune attacked their old associates. Pluto and Saturn, being too shocked at their ex-colleagues' traitorous actions to fight back even if they'd even had the heart to harm their former friends, were beaten soon. ESSuranus and ESSneptune (ESS = Evil Super Sailor) took SSsaturn's and SSpluto's star seeds and gave them to Galaxia. The saddest part about this is that, once Pluto and Saturn have lost, ESmoon and the Starlights appear. Pluto and Saturn give Moon some comforting words, and then fade away. Eternal Moon was devastated that two more of her friends were gone, and shocked that her other two friends were the culprits behind it. The episode ends with the Starlights and ESmoon opposite ESSuranus & ESSneptune, with Galaxia-sama's gloating holographic image above them.

Dead Super Sailorvenus in front of her guardian planetTo Galaxia's apparant delight and amusement, Uranus and Neptune proceeded to beat the crap out of Eternal Moon and the Starlights. ESS Uranus even slapped Eternal Sailormoon across the face HARD when Moon was desperately trying to talk to her, trying to believe that she and Neptune were acting and had not really betrayed them. Because of that, Star Fighter and Evil Uranus got into this nasty battle, where I think Uranus ended up being the winner. Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights seemed doomed at the hands of Evil Uranus and Evil Neptune, and when Galaxia ordered that they finish them off, the four Sailors seemed even more doomed. ESS Uranus and ESS Neptune powered up and gathered energy for their attacks, aiming them at the four fallen Sailors . . . until--

Galaxia getting zapped by Uranus and Neptune's treacheryBLAST!!!!! Uranus and Neptune whipped around at Galaxia and shot their attack at her!! This unexpected turnabout hits Galaxia bad! It turns out Eternal Sailormoon was right about Neptune and Uranus--they really had been acting in a plot to catch Galaxia-sama offguard in order to steal her star seed. Galaxia was still for a moment as Neptune and Uranus waited for her star seed to appear; then, when a star seed didn't appear, with a start of shock, the two Outer Soldiers realized that Galaxia doesn't have a star seed! This moment of shock was long enough for the Golden Senshi. She recuperated swiftly, and removed Uranus and Neptune's sailor bracelets as punishment for double-crossing her. So, the remaining Outer Soldiers began to fade away as well, dying without their star seeds to sustain their life energy. With poor Usagi-chan sobbing (simply heartbreaking. Fighter also had a little conversation with Uranus before she faded away, probably telling her off for double-crossing Moon), Uranus and Neptune reach out to each other . . . and touch hands just before they fade away completely, joining the Inners, Pluto, and Saturn into eternity holding hands.

Take Galaxia's hand back to The Hunter's-Moon Citadel

Take Galaxia's hand back to The Hunter's-Moon Citadel . . .

Makenai! Ashita e, SailorYell!

Sailor Stars Song (TV version)
sequenced by Bomi Lee

If anyone has a midi of Golden Queen Galaxia or Shadow Galactica, PLEASE email it to me! It's not fair that my favorite SM character shouldn't have a midi background that has to do with her (or at least, an aspect of her)!!!!!